WHERE TO EAT? - May 17, 2022

5 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Try


Constant ambiguity over choosing the right breakfast in today’s fast life can be draining. The lack of preparatory time in the morning and over a hundred options to choose from, preparing breakfast can become a huge task. To rectify this common problem, we present you with 5 healthy and easy to make morning meals to keep you full till noon:

Avocado and egg toast 

This is a popular breakfast recipe that is quick and nutritious with the goodness of eggs and vitamin C and E from avocados. Spread a chunk of avocado over a multigrain bread and layer it up with a boiled egg. Garnish with salt, pepper and your other favourite seasoning and you have a filling breakfast all ready. 

Quinoa fruit salad 

Prepare quinoa a night before by simply boiling it and use it fresh the following morning. Toss it with your favourite fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, blueberries and grapes chopped in bite-sized pieces and drizzle evenly a portion of honey or any syrup to taste.

Oatmeal and egg

Oatmeal is a simplistic and easy to make meal. Conventionally follow the method to make your everyday oatmeal and in the preparatory stage, add in a cracked egg to ensure that it’s cooked to perfection. Add preferred spices and a few lemon drops to complete the meal and enjoy it hot. 

Spinach feta wrap

This wrap comes with the goodness of spinach and the savoury of your favourite dips/sauces. To make this wrap, roll up a portion of dough, cook it for a few minutes until light golden. Next, dress with your favourite veggies and sauces and add spinach and cheese into it. This is a quick and filling wrap perfect for breakfast. 

Classic omelette / bread omelette

Nothing can go wrong with a classic omelette. Beat a few eggs in a bowl, cook it on a medium heat with butter and toss in a few tomatoes, basil, onion and other vegetables. Let it cook without stirring until the edges are golden brown and voilà, enjoy your tasty breakfast. 

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