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5 Destinations Bahrainis Can Travel to Without a Visa


We are always looking for hassle-free ways to spend our vacation days. Most international destinations require an elaborate visa process if you want to travel out of the country. However, there are some beautiful and thrilling vacation spots you can get to without a visa if you are a Bahraini citizen. Here’s a list of five such mesmerising destinations.

The Bahamas

Hit the beautiful, blue waters of the Bahamas and go snorkelling in crystal clear shores. There’s a lot of adventure for you around the 16 islands of this country.


Tour the villages of Bali, visit the farms, or the beaches of Java!


Explore the buzzing Thai street markets and indulge in happening nightlife! Thailand also has options if you are looking for peace and tranquillity during your vacation.


Apart from its vast, pebbled beaches forming the Black Sea, Georgia is rich in heritage and natural beauty! Take a cable car up the hill or tour the countryside for a scenic experience.


A favourite beach destination for anyone in the world! Mauritius has everything from water activities and a botanical garden to culture and entertainment. Undoubtedly, the 7-Coloured Earth in Chamarel is a sight to behold!

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