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5 Books You Need to Read for Self-Improvement this Ramadan


If you’re looking for ways to help with your personal development, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of books from various genres for you to read. Non-Muslims can read these books in the soul of this celebration of humbleness, solidarity, and self-improvement!

1. The Productive Muslim: Where Faith and Productivity Collide

In “The Productive Muslim,” founder Mohammed will instruct you: How religiosity can boost your productive capacity, How to manage your snooze, nourishment, and fitness, and how to be socially productive outside of your home and community.

2. Ali Budak’s Fasting in Islam and The Month of Ramadan

This book explores the divine establishment of fasting in Islam by supplying in-depth information on its place in Islamic doctrine and the month of Ramadan when fasting is observed.

3. Hamza Yusuf’s Purification of the Heart

Purification of the Core is a handbook on desalinating water one’s heart from the many cardiovascular disorders, such as envy, stinginess, arrogance, hatred, and wrath. It is based on poetry by Muslim scholar Imam al-Mawlud.

4. Khurram Murad’s in the Early Hours

This small nugget of information by Khurram Murrad will do so and more in terms of inspiring yet straightforward guidance on seeking God’s pleasure. Its title references its primary purpose: to encourage believers to get up a little earlier before fajr and reap the many advantages of the early hours.

5. Leila Aboulela’s The Minaret (Fiction)

Minaret tells the story of Najwa, a young upper-class Sudanese woman who relocated to London due to a power grab involving her father and provides an insight into the life of an immigrant in the increasingly diverse London.

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