5 Beauty Changes You Should Embrace During Quarantine

For the first time in modern history, the whole world is self-isolating. Hitting the pause button and slowing down to engage in some self-care is something you probably never really had much time for before.

1. Growing those eyebrows out

Don’t you think your brows have suffered enough? Someone threading them, pulling at them and shaping them. Yes I agree as much as the next woman that properly shaped brows really do frame your face. Maybe they are over-plucked? Or you are just curious to see how your brows will look like once they are full. Whatever the case, it’s not like you can book an appointment at the salon anyways, so let your eyebrows do their thing and grow properly.

2. Leaving your lashes alone

If you’re someone who gets their lashes ‘done’, whether that’s tinted or false lashes attached, give it a rest. The more you work on your lashes, the more prone they are to falling out. Most women who do apply fake lashes, tend to have none of their own over time.

3. Stop adding heat to your hair

If you’re someone who regularly blow-dries, straightens or curls their hair, then girl this is your time to go all natural. You aren’t leaving your house, so this is a great opportunity to stop using heat on your hair and instead use as many treatments as you can.

4. Skip the nail polish

As tempting as it is to grab a colourful nail polish to brighten things up a bit, try and keep your nails bare. Instead cut your nails a little short and use a cuticle oil or a nail strengthener to give them life and get them growing fresh and new.

5. Start dry brushing

Dry brushing is kind of annoying and time consuming. But the results are worth it. Celebs like Miranda Kerr vouch for dry brushing as a life changing addition to their beauty routine. Dry brushing the skin really is as simple as it sounds. All you need is a large, firm and bristled brush. You sweep it across the skin from toes to top.

Source: Gulf News