5 Beauty Changes You Should Embrace During Quarantine

1. Take a break from makeup

Make up isn’t exactly bad for your skin or else more women would stop wearing it. But at some point it gets a little bit tough for your pores to breathe when they are covered with powder or liquid foundation. Also, the more you see yourself without make up, the happier you will be with your natural face. Like we said, this is the time to embrace your natural beauty. Let your skin thrive with a skin care routine, lack of sun and outdoor pollutants, tonnes of water and lots of sleep (hopefully). So don’t cover up all the effort you’ve been doing with makeup. Let your skin shine.

2. Drink a lot of water

Now that you’re home, you should have access to water 24/7. According to the Mayo clinic, an average man should drink 3.7 litres a day, while a woman should drink 2.3 litres a day. However reality is different and most people end up usually consuming much less. Try and drink this much water to see what it does to your face. Better skin, brighter eyes, stronger nails and shinier hair.

3. Perfect that five-step skin care routine

Your body generally thrives on routine. Regular workouts, regular proper sleep and clean food as much as possible. Your skin will be the same if your nighttime face cleans goes from an art to a science.

4. Stop wearing tight clothes and high heels

Our bodies aren’t made to be squeezed and squished into tight dresses, skinny jeans, corsets and waist trainers. It’s really best to let your organs enjoy the space they deserve and take advantage of this time by rocking all the sweatpants. Wear socks and walk around barefoot. Don’t constrict your feet with shoes, especially high heels, which honestly, look great but totally mess up the alignment of your spine. Plus they give you bunions.

5. Sleep

Now that there’s no commute, you should be enjoying a lot more sleep. Sleep is THE number one beauty booster and immunity booster. Get a lot of it while you can. Enjoy a longer lie in, but also try and go to bed early. Now is your chance to catch up on some well-deserved shut eye (sorry moms, I am not talking to you, we know you don’t sleep).

Source: Gulf News