5 Beaches for a Social Distanced Picnic in Bahrain

A picnic is a great way to spend time outdoors especially now the weather is getting lovelier by the day. Furthermore, small and socially distanced outdoor get-togethers are considered less risky in terms of virus transmission than large or crowded gatherings.

Here are some of our favourite places for a socially distanced picnic in Bahrain…

Salman City Beach

Located on the breathtaking northern coastline of Bahrain, Madinat Salman (Salman City) is the Ministry of Housing’s largest and most advanced social housing project. The city, which sprawls across multiple islands, is currently popular for its scenic beach.

Bahrain Bay Beach

The majority of residents in the Kingdom is familiar with the modern Bahrain Bay development and its sprawling space. What most people don’t know is that the area also has a secluded beach where you can have some outdoor fun or just a relaxing time. The beach is perfect for picnics, bbqs and fishing. The only downside is that the area doesn’t have any nearby toilets.

Damistan Beach

Damistan Beach is a quiet and serene beach located on the Northern side of Bahrain. It’s popular to locals and residents alike for its relaxing views. The beach can get crowded on weekends so you might want to schedule your trip on early mornings or weekdays.

Karbabad Beach

Karbabad Beach is the place to go for residents living near Seef area. It’s a lovely place to relax in with friends or family. If you’re visiting during afternoon, you might want to check out Qal’at Al Bahrain – a fort nearby.

Karzakan Beach

Karzakan is a village in Bahrain that lies along the western coast of the island. If you’re a lover of nature and all things outdoor, this place will definitely enchant you.

P.S. Even though you’re outdoors, don’t forget to practice precautionary measures so we can all stay safe!