4 Homegrown Shops with Handmade Accessories in Bahrain

Good news! You don’t need to splurge on luxury pieces because we’ve got some great local brands that make equally lovely (but more affordable) accessories for whatever the occasion. 


Adaliah creates “minimal art style statement jewelry” that are handmade from air dry clay. According to the start up, their earrings are light as air and are comfortable to wear. We love their designs and how easily we can match them with any outfit.


Cheri made a name in Bahrain for their dainty resin accessories but the shop has recently stopped making them in a move to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable. However, the shop is still continuing to offer unique accessories including statement earrings, cute bracelets and more.

Ear Gear

As the name suggests, Ear Gear creates distinctive earrings. The earrings are artsy and unique, which make the shop stand out from others. Just recently, they have released a zodiac sign collection perfect for those who are into astrology.

Teen Clay

Teen Clay makes ceramic clay jewelry by hand. Here, you will find ultra-cute and funky accessories that you will not see anywhere on the island. If you want something to complete your groovy ensemble, check their Instagram out!