3 must-try food trucks at Estiqlal Avenue!

In recent times, food trucks have gained significant popularity in Bahrain’s food scene. Especially during the current situation, they have made their way up by catering to people’s food desires at the comfort of ordering and enjoying meals in cars.

Bahrain’s hub for food trucks is the Estiqlal Avenue in Isa town, where you’ll find more than 50 food trucks to satisfy all kinds of food cravings.

Popular food blogger, @thefoodieeats explored the place recently and these were her top picks:

  • UMAITORI – This icecream spot transports you to Japan with their Asian inspired soft serve flavours. They have gathered quite a following by intriguing their customers with new flavours in rotation.

thefoodieeats review: I tried two flavour combinations. First was the Hokkaido milk and creamy bubble tea swirl which was light and refreshing, the flavour of bubble tea with milk is a classic combination which doesn’t disappoint.

Hokkaido milk and creamy bubble tea swirl

The second was the Sakura (aka the rose flavoured) and Matcha layer combination. The rose flavour was light and the matcha flavour was subtle.

Sakura (aka the rose flavoured) and Matcha

thefoodieeats recommends: Hokkaido Milk and Bubble Tea Swirl, Sakura and Matcha

  • DUTCH CHIPS – If you love fries, this place is right up your alley. They serve the famous Dutch street delight with a wide variety of delectable sauces and different toppings to choose from.

thefoodieeats review: Since I have had Dutch Fries in Amsterdam, I was curious as to how this place would live up to the original. I went with the ketchup and honey mustard combination, the fries were thickly cut, tasted fresh and not like the usual frozen ones. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, you will also find that these fries are neither too oily nor soggy.

Dutch fries with ketchup and honey mustard sauce

thefoodieeats recommends: Go classic with the Ketchup-Mayo combination or try their flavourful sauces like the Garlic aioli, Honey Mustard or the Belgian Pepper etc. If you can handle the heat, try their Dutch Hot or the Dynamite Explosion which won’t disappoint. For the toppings, if you like it to be indulgent then go for the Cheddar Cheese or add a crunch element with their Crunchy Nachos, Chips Oman or Cheetos. If simple is your thing go for Chilli flakes, Jalapenos or Olives.

  • SAY CHEESE – There’s nothing quite like a grilled cheese sandwich when done to perfection. This place is all about the famous comfort food which comes with different protein fillings and cheeses and will certainly please your taste buds.

thefoodieeats review: I tried their Philly Beef sandwich, which is a showstopper and in my opinion a must-have!! One bite in, and it’s a flavour explosion of ribeye beef and onion with a hint of chilli. The cheese wasn’t overpowering the sandwich and was just the right amount. The portion size is satisfying and tastes best when eaten hot.

Philly beef grilled cheese sandwich

thefoodieeats recommends: Philly Beef, Mac &Cheese sandwiches

Manal, the food blogger behind @thefoodieeats Instagram handle, enjoys exploring new cuisines and food photography, and is a firm believer of the quote “You eat with your eyes first”.

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