3 Bahrain-based Skincare Brands You Should Know About

Beauty comes at a price – oftentimes, that price is the environment’s to pay. Luckily, there are skincare brands in Bahrain that make sustainable products. Here are some to add to your daily regimen.

Body Jar

Body Jar makes all-natural handmade products using fine ingredients. The brand aims to offer a healthier alternative to mass-produced skincare lines. They have a range of products including body lotions, scrubs, hair masks, fragrances, bath bombs and more.

Green Bar

Green Bar is another company founded in Bahrain. The brand has their own facility where they conceptualise, manufacture, and sell their full range of face, body, and home products.

According to Green Bar, their mission is to bring awareness to the healing potential of the plants in this geographical area while bringing awareness to the environment.


Mashmoom is a local brand that has been creating natural beauty products since 2015. They have handmade body scrub, body and face oil as well as hair products. They also make gift baskets which is super cool!