15 Great Sushi Spots in Bahrain that Deliver

Are you wondering where to get some delicious sushi rolls in Bahrain? We did the research so that you don’t have to! Here are 15 spots you can check!


Aburi is a sushi restaurant and a Japanese steakhouse. They also specialize in ‘aburi’ options which means flame seared.


It wouldn’t be Japanese without sushi. And it wouldn’t be Bushido if they didn’t add a spin to it.


Frangipani serves a range of Japanese dishes including sushis and more. The restaurant puts a unique twist on their offerings like the sushi sliders and burgers!


Itsumo is one of the newer restaurants and town. They have already made a name for their affordable Japanese cuisine and unlimited Korean BBQ. Their prices are comparatively cheaper than the majority of Japanese restaurants in Bahrain.


Kabuki is a Japanese restaurant that was established in Bahrain in February 14, 2014 in Juffair’s American Alley. Among their sushi selection are the wagyu steak rolls, pink sushi, volcano maki and more.

Katana Torii

Katana Torii features yakiniku (Japanese barbeque), sushi rolls and authentic ramen.


Kei offers time-honored Japanese favorites along with a variety of contemporary sushi, sashimi and maki rolls.


Kojo serves traditional Japanese cuisine as well as some rendition of dishes like sushi.


Combining Japanese tradition with global flavours and exciting textures, Maki offers contemporary Japanese cuisine.


Meisei offers Japanese fusion dishes that are also contemporary.


Mirai takes pride in bringing “exquisitely crafted dishes by pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese cuisine”.


Monsoon serves Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Nu Asia

Nu Asia offers a variety of food from all over the Asian continent!

Peking Tokyo

Peking Tokyo features a great selection of Asian dishes from dimsums to sushis.


Sumo Sushi & Bento serves fresh sushi and bento selections.