Try These 12 Great Breakfast Spots in Bahrain!

From balaleets to pancakes, here are some of our picks for great breakfast in Bahrain – whether you’re looking to take away or order in!


Located at the Merchant House, Indigo serves a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian delicacies. The restaurant combines fresh seasonal produce with bold flavours – one of the reasons why they have a scrumptious breakfast selection.


If you’re craving for a traditional Bahraini breakfast, Darseen is a great option. The cafe has several options for breakfast. They also serve delicious Bahraini egg and tomatoes, Balaleet, Chapati and more!

My Cafe

My Cafe is a boutique restaurant serving fine gourmet meals. All of their dishes are made by hand and from scratch using fresh and fine ingredients. They have a scrumptious menu including Spinach Fatayer, Samosa Platter, freshly baked bread, and more. Perfect if you’re craving breakfast for lunch or dinner!

Café Lilou

Inspired by classic French dining, Cafe Lilou’s menu is comprehensive – the café is a good choice for a classy breakfast.

Lumee Street Café

Lumee is devoted to capturing the essence of Middle Eastern street food in a contemporary way. They have a pretty good breakfast selection featuring Bahraini favorites like Balaleet, Fatayeer, Mehyawa on Flat Bread, Baked Beans, among others.

Crust and Crema

Apart from serving specialty coffee, Crust and Crema also offers great breakfast items including different kinds of waffles, crepes and pancakes. They also have acai bowls if you want a healthy option. Whether you like your breakfast sweet or savory, there’s an option for you!

Angelina Paris


Known for its iconic reputation as a Parisian café, Angelina embraces traditional Parisian favorites creatively curated with Middle Eastern ingredients.


Emmawash offers amazing traditional Bahraini dishes at a great price. This restaurant is one of the local favorites for breakfast so you should definitely add it on your list.

Nomad Urban Eatery

As the name suggests, Nomad is an urban eatery that boasts a wide array of international dishes. Their breakfast menu includes freshly baked breads, healthy bowls, breakfast baos and other decadent delights.


Naseef gained its popularity since 1920s by offering traditional tasty meals as well as a variety of ice cream flavours. Now, the restaurant is continuously making a name for great Bahraini dishes as well as other Arabic dishes.

Cine Café

With branches across the island, Cine Café serves a wide selection of crepes and waffles, available in sweet and savory flavors which makes for a filling breakfast.

The Orangery

Th­e Orangery is an elegant tea room and patisserie which is located on the grounds of the Palace Boutique Hotel in Bahrain. Apart from having great afternoon tea, they also serve a delicious breakfast.


Paul Café offers a selection of bread, patisseries, sandwiches, soups and salads, plus a selection of signature French dishes.