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10 talented Bahrain-based musicians you can check out!


What do you listen to on your way to work or school? A favourite band or singer, the radio’s top 10, a podcast? These are all great, but if you’re looking for a change and something a bit more local – check out these Bahrain-based musicians who share their music online and do live gigs!  

Let’s appreciate the immense talent and considerable effort of these musicians:

Majaz (@majaz_music)

Majaz is an earthy 4-piece progressive fusion folk band that has been performing live for several years and released their first single in October 2016.

DoYouReallyLikeIt? (@doyoureallylikeitmusic)

The band name’s symbolism refers to the critique of audiences around the world that have been born in the digital age; where the term “like” has been redefined to an unconscious decision of interest. The band constantly plays shows throughout the year in Bahrain.

Mo Zowayed (@mozowayed)

Singer-songwriter Mo has become quite largely known on the island for his soulful, funky music with a hint of folk. He has become a crowd favourite, and has performed live at hundreds of events and made appearances on local tv and radio.

Xenai (@xenaimuzik)

Local rapper and RnB artist Ashwin Shenoy, more popularly known as Xenai creates music that he feels represents a different side of himself. He has produced and released numerous original songs and does live performances, one of which takes place this Friday at Wagalag.

Mission to the Moon (@missiontothemoonmusic)

Formed during the pandemic, this young local alternative band’s first song gained a lot of attention on social media – and rightfully so. They’re original, hip, and ready to shoot for the moon. They’re performing live at Al Riwaq this Friday at 8pm!

Eman Haddad (@emanhaddadmusic)

Eman is a Bahraini singer with an undoubtfully angelic voice.  She’s most known for singing and playing the guitar. She also plays the flute.

Jackrabbit Slims (@jackrabbit.slims)

Jackrabbit Slims dynamic band with lot of funk. You might have come across this band at popular events on the island such as Jazz Fest, Bahrain Rocks, and MuseNight.

Kushari (@kushariband)

Another popular local band that you might have seen performing at Rainforest Lounge, Dilmun Club, F1 Village, and more!

Motör Militia (@motormilitiabh)

This one’s for the metalheads. Bahraini thrash metal band, Motör Militia, formed in 2001 and has been rockin’ around since. They are the first Middle Eastern metal band to release a full-length studio album. Their two prominent works include “Cloaked in Darkness” released in 2011 and “The Sound of Violence” released in 2004.

7MND (@7MND)

7MND is a guitarist/producer from Bahrain, interested in a variety of musical styles, specifically metal and progressive metal. He plays gutar for the band @wazinmusic, which is also Bahrain and Kuwait-based.

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