10 Places to Get Insanely Good Shawarma in Bahrain

There’s a certain comfort of biting into warm bread filled with juicy meat covered in garlic sauce. Here are top 10 places you must head to bite into the best shawarma in Bahrain.

Shawarma Alley
Location: Adliya

Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, also known as “Shawarma Alley” is a popular choice for Shawarma lovers. Suraj, Zahlawiya, Al Catcoot and Haifa are some of the shops you can find here. No matter where you pick to eat, it’s going to be a delicious experience. If you don’t fancy sitting inside, you can just honk your horn and someone will come take your order.

Burger Land
Location: Budaiya, Adliya, Riffa, Sanad, Arad, Jannusan, Water Garden City, Busaiteen

This one undoubtedly sells one of the best shawarmas in Bahrain. After all, it’s not for no reason that the shop has a lot of outlets on the island! Burgerland is popular for having great shawarmas that are tasty and juicy. Some of the restaurants only excel in either beef or chicken but both of these options are good in the restaurant. Not only this, according to our followers they also have amazing grills and sandwiches.

Location: Hoora

Badawi is more of a sit down restaurant and one of the most popular Lebanese spots in Bahrain. When buying a shawarma, you have a choice here of Lebanese bread, saj and brown bread.

Turkish Mazaya
Location: Exhibition Road

Turkish Mazaya is a 24-hour cafeteria serving grills, pizzas and shawarmas. This casual place is a great stop by for a late night shawarma.

Al Shoala Turkish Grill
Location: Jid Ali

The next time you are in Jid Ali, here’s where you must head to bite into one of the best shawarmas in Bahrain. Al Shoala is a Turkish restaurant that is widely considered to be serving one of the best shawarmas in Bahrain.

Adliya Gate
Location: Adliya

Al Adliya Gate is an Arabic restaurant serving up some mean grills and shawarma. Easy, casual and a place to grab quick bites. Also a great place to try after a late night out.

Location: Gudaibiya

You’re sure to think twice to step into this restaurant, when you see it from the outside but it is actually one of the popular choices for locals and expats alike. The small cafeteria is crowded all the time, but worry not, you can place your order from your car. You can also get a pizza here that’s big enough for two for just BD1! What a steal, right?

Location: Adliya

If you’re not a literal street food lover, Franco is for you! The restaurant has an amicable ambiance and great food choices. You can customize your own shawarma and pair it with crispy fries.

Location: Salmabad

It’s very unexpected to find this local favorite at a furniture store but here we are anyway. IKEA serves up some shawarmas priced at only 100 fils each – the cheapest one in Bahrain! It’s tasty but you won’t feel full with just a piece since they’re tiny (you get what you pay for).

Flamethrower Shawarma
Location: Adliya

This shop claims to have been the inventor of the world’s first flamethrower shawarma concept here in Bahrain. They also have burgers and other side dishes like Oman fries, chicken pops and loaded spring rolls.