Fashion & Beauty, Features - April 24, 2022

10 Instagram Accounts Worth Checking Out for Fashion Inspo


We all admire an aesthetically pleasing fashion sense and it’s all in our favour since we have access to these bewitching accounts of beauty influencers or fashion pages for inspiration. Peruse the listed Instagram handles for keeping up with fads, comprehending colour chemistry that is surprisingly appealing and pairings that captivatingly bag everyone’s attention:


Her account on a feed catches one’s eye for its versatility. It begins right from formal vests, crop tops, trendy patterns, power suits, floral dresses and to the traditional attire portraying impeccable taste and impressive colour combinations. 


Burger bae claims to bring back the 90s vibe through sustainable clothing. If you’re looking for a comfortable athleisure fit, classy streetwear and even a pleasing brunch outfit inspo, burger.bae is your destination.


One of the most splendid daily style accounts on Instagram, this creator is a regular poster of practical, vibrant and attractive styling with a clear post of every outfit pulled off. 


As the name suggests, this account excels in outfit recreation providing you with a streetwear inspo as well as for a blingy club night. Follow this account to get an insight and update your wardrobe with all the right pieces in all the right colours!


Style acts like a perfect guide for all your fashion needs. It takes you through various possible combinations, recreations, influenced styling and is a trend setter as well as a follower.  


An epitome of beauty and elegance, follow this fashion influencer to learn tips to style everything stunningly.


This YouTuber/ Actor’s fashion sense is appreciated for being practical and branded, comfortable yet stylish. He knows how to play around and have fun with this style and reflects cool fashion. 


Shabi is a model with a gift of commendable style.


Roshini is a fashion influencer.


Fatma owns an aesthetically pleasing account with her unique styling and incredible sense of fashion. Carry yourself as confidently as her and witness the heads turn!

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