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10 great places to buy traditional Ramadan sweets


Ramadan is right around the corner, and along with the wait as our Muslim friends fast this Holy Month, comes some delicious treats to have after Iftar!

Here are 10 great places to buy traditional Ramadan sweets:

Saadeddin Pastry

First opened in Riyadh back in 1976, Saadeddin Pastry sure has the years of experience to deliver quality sweets. It’s been 28 years of great Arabic sweets from them in Bahrain today, since opened their first branch in 1993.

Sweet Bahrain by Um Abdulla

Um Abdulla, meaning mother of Abdulla, delivers all the popular Bahraini traditional sweets. What’s Ramadan without some tamr?

Al Halwachi

Al Halwachi or Bayt Alhalwachi knows that Bahrain sweets are one of the most popular in the Gulf. And they want to provide their customers just that! Try their Bahraini traditional halwa.

Khulood Showaiter Sweets

Showaiter is one of the widely-known names in Bahrain when it comes to traditional sweets, Khulood Showaiter Sweets is a great place to buy a Ramadan gift.

Jamal Showaiter Sweets

Another widely-known Showaiter — Jamal Showaiter Sweets. Great for celebrations or to just enjoy on normal day! They make sure their sweets are freshly prepared, well-balanced and cooked to perfection.


When we hear Leaves, our first thought would probably be some delightful milk chocolates which they are most popular for. But did you know they serve some of the best traditional sweets too? Their style is quite unique, and their Ramadan offers are definitely ones to try!

Murooj Almuharraq

Murooj Almuharraq specialises in traditional Arabic sweets, perfect for Ramadan and family gatherings, or just an afternoon tea! Apart from sweets, they also sell spices (great for Ramadan recipes), candies, pickles, herbal water, Arabic coffee, nuts, the list goes on!

Tawazo Sweets

Tawazo Sweets have all the traditional and non-traditional Arabic sweets, dried fruit, and nuts — perfect for a post-Iftar meal dessert!

Tariq Pastries

Tariq Pastries is the first Oriental sweet maker in Bahrain. They first opened in 1982 and for over 36 years, they have been preparing delicious, all-natural sweet and savory foods baked fresh daily.


Lugaimaty add their own twist to the lugaimat, traditionally covered in date syrup and/or sesame seeds, by covering the bite-sized treats with melted chocolate, or even pistacio syrup. It is a go-to for Ramadan sweets.

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