WHERE TO EAT? - May 17, 2022

10 Bahrain Based Food Bloggers


Bahrain is unquestionably a foodie nation, so we’re bound to have some fantastic food bloggers and critics. These accounts are great to follow, especially if you enjoy trying new foods and experiences – scroll down to see our top ten:


Everylittlecrumb is a blogger and recipe developer who creates recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious. If you’re looking for some cooking inspiration, give her a follow!

2. @bahrain.food.reviews

A foodie who posts genuine comments on dishes, restaurants, and more!

3. @iknowhatoeat

Iknowhatoeat is one of the OGs of Bahrain’s food blogging scene.

4. @bahrain.food

Bahrain.food covers all the new places while also providing a cost estimate for each dish – great for when you don’t want to be surprised at check-out!

5. @thefoodieeats

Thefoodieeats posts sincere feedback and high-quality content. Be cautious because some posts may cause you to drool.

6. @thefoodmenu.bh

You don’t need to ask what’s on the menu because this local blog has it covered!

7. @eat_bahrain

Eat_bahrain gives honest reviews and shares mouthwatering posts about various cuisines, restaurants, and cafes. On occasion, competitions are held on the page!

8. @hungry_fifi

Very descriptive and comprehensive reviews on dishes from restaurants, cafes, and bars! She reviews various drinks across the country, which is a refreshing change from the other food blogs. 

9. @thebloggerr

This blogger features honest product reviews on their page.

10. @foodiesab

Sabrina is a food enthusiast that posts detailed reviews!

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