0805 Fitness’ EMS Training Review

Nick Cooksey tried 0805 Fitness’ EMS Training and this is what happened.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) creates muscle contraction using electric impulses. One-on-one sessions are conducted under the supervision of a qualified trainer. I took four sessions over a four-week period as recommended.

EMS training can be adapted for weight loss, body toning, cardio, and strength. In medicine, EMS is used in physical therapy for preventing muscle atrophy due to inactivity or neuromuscular imbalance. My training took place in a spacious gym in Budaiya.

I was required to remove all clothing and handed a black cotton top and leggings to wear under the training suit. People can opt to purchase their own – although a cost of BD 30 seems pricier, it would be an investment for future sessions. The suit is breathable and is usually made of cotton, elastane or polyamide.

I was then put into a training suit and straps were added around my gluts, legs and arms that were then connected by electrical cables to the EMS machine.
It looked like I was going to be electrocuted, but of course, everything is perfectly safe.

The instructor then tested my comfort levels with increasing levels of electrical pulses, giving a powerful vibrating and tingling effect. Then the twenty-minute workout begins. My instructor, Shannai, closely watched and advised me throughout my sessions.

I was put through multiple reps of basic exercises. It was an intense workout that left me at the end of the session dripping with sweat and my muscles felt sore for a couple of days after the initial sessions.

Verdict: Without doubt EMS training offers a solid workout, and I quite enjoyed my sessions, but despite Goggling EMS training I found no evidence to back the reports that one weekly twenty-minute session is equal to three 45-minute traditional gym sessions.

The price is BD 30 per EMS session, though booking multiple sessions can reduce this price by half.

For more information, +973 1755 0805 www.0805fitness.com